GENRE: A Coming of Age Teenage Drama
LENGTH: 1 hour 15 minutes
SYNOPSIS: A young teenager named Mariah goes through the ups and downs of high school life. Her life is completely changed when her high school boyfriend is killed in a car wreck. As Mariah attempts to move on, she decides to give new love a chance. The new person in her life is not someone you would expect her to be attracted to. As Mariah finds out more about herself , she finds out how much opposites attract and how to look past the blemishes of life
DIRECTORS: T’Shombi Jumar Basemore
WRITERS: T’Shombi Jumar Basemore and Joseph Blake Shrewsberry
PRODUCERS: T’Shombi Jumar Basemore
KEY CAST: Layla Renee Bell, Zack Burkhart, Royce D. Lowery, Madison Ramos and Amiyah Miller