The Color of Me

Screening: Block 2
Genre: Romance
Length: 19 Minutes 36 Seconds
Synopsis: An adopted African-American named Lewis Clark, falls in love with
a young woman named Lisa Adams, who has an unusual condition.
Every hour, her skin magically changes color and she turns into 5
different races. Lewis and Lisa struggle with their relationship as Lisa
continuously changes skin color, and the two of them explore their
own opinions about race and how much it really matters in their
Director: Sreejith Nair
Writer: Fahima Mohamood – Producer & Co-Story, Shettima Webb – Producer & Supporting Actress,Natalie Reinholtz – Director of Photography  
Star Cast:
Terrell Pierce – Lewis Clark
Jennifer Lenius – Lisa Adams (White)
Norma Chacon – Lisa Adams (Mexican)
Eva Shah – Lisa Adams (Indian)
Pearl Paramadilok – Lisa Adams (Asian)
Tayler Turner – Lisa Adams (Black)
LJ Flora – Ashley Clark
Mariam Sobh – Sameen
Koby Kalhoun – Young Lewis Clark
Logan Neuschaefer – Robert
Sarah Rizvi – Young Lisa Adams
Shettima Webb – The Principal
Carlo Aparo – Lisa’s Father

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