Screening: 3
Genre: Drama
Length:  19 Minutes 30 Seconds
Synopsis: Mama Don’t Make Me is a short film that addresses the rarely talked about social issue of parents who use their children to help them commit crimes. Set in New York City, this gritty urban crime drama uncovers the accounts of a mother in a desperate situation and the desperate actions her children are forced to take. 27yr old Forever Monroe is a single parent from the projects who is stricken with stage 4 ovarian cancer. In hopes to set her twins 5yr old daughters (Amber & Ambience) up with a better life, Forever masterminds a series of high-priced jewelry thefts. Unbenounced to Forever, she is being secretly investigated by two passionate New York City detectives who hate the circumstances she places her children in. When these voices of opposition finally come to a head, Forever is faced with a dire situation that leaves her twins stuck between a gun and a hard place.
Director : Dan Adams
Writer: Dan Adams
Producer: Dan Adams, Patricia Ellie, and Natacha St. Louis
Star Cast: Cherie Mendez, Tracey Remarais, Ava & Alexis McClure, Zakiya Cook, E. George Perry

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