The Dress

GENRE: An Acting Comedy
LENGTH: 23 Minutes
SYNOPSIS: Meet Marlon Watters, an up-and-coming actor determined to blaze a trail and leave a legacy for his family. One day while on the set of his sitcom, he is challenged with whether or not to wear a dress for the next episode. This simple yet thought-provoking decision sparks conversation from his closest friends and family while encouraging us all to identify and stand up for our own convictions.
DIRECTORS: Maya J.T. Dawson
WRITERS: Maya J.T. Dawson and Chris Dawson
PRODUCERS: Maya J.T. Dawson, Chris Dawson, Lynnette Reid, Will Smith
KEY CAST: Ernest Ricks, Asante Williams, Angel L. Henderson, Pacey L. Walker, Amen-Rah Searles, Tyra Marie Watkins