The Skin I’m In Vol. 1 Melanin Melanie

GENRE: Drama
LENGTH: 37 minutes 9 seconds
SYNOPSIS: The story of Melanie Hart, a wife and mother, who struggles with accepting, embracing, and loving herself due to her past trauma of being bullied because she is biracial. She tries to protect her daughter Bailey, from experiencing the same hatred, abuse, and pain that she endured growing up, while teaching her how to become a colorist. Soon she realizes that racism comes in all forms and that she has been following the same pattern and principles as her abusers.
DIRECTORS: Deonte Bolden
WRITERS: Deonte Bolden
PRODUCERS: Deonte Bolden
KEY CAST: Kayla Taylor, Mason Henderson, Alayna Bernard, Brittany Scott, Natalie Lane, Derono Monte and Darius Wheeler